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America’s Boating Course 3rd Edition (ABC3)

Presented By: Port Huron Power Squadron

Contact: Robert Mattson (rrmattson@hotmail.com)

A basic boating safety class designed to familiarize the student with the fundamentals of safe boating and qualify for certification in most states that require boating education before operating a watercraft. Includes introduction to Boating, Boating Law, Boat Safety Equipment, Safe Boating. The course also covers Michigan law. Course is six (6) weeks long and requires passing an end-of-course test and PWC operator certification will given.

Boat Handling and Elementary Seamanship
Boat Types and Terms
Registration, Regulations and Safe Operation
Required Equipment
Charts and Aids to Navigation
Basic Navigation and Piloting
Navigation Rules
Marine Radiotelephone
Trailer Boating

Course is six (6) weeks long and requires passing an end-of-course test.

Upon completion a Michigan Boating Certificate will be issued.

Changed New Location:

Location: Port Huron Power Squadron Headquarters 619 River Street In Port Huron

Dates: February 13, 2020

Cost: $45.00  Additional Family Members $5.00 ea

Time: 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM
Registration Time: 1st night at 6:30 PM

Please call for pre-registration (Required). (810) 984-3298

or e-mail (rrmattson@hotmail.com) for more information